Giving Back

Every Thursday night, our office gets together and has office night! Usually it entails a sporting event, maybe going to Big Al’s, or a scavenger hunt. Last Thursday, it was a different story.

Instead, our team decided to spend the evening at Walmart, FILLING 4 shopping carts with toys to donate them to toys for tots. It ended up being about 100 toys!! We were so proud to say that we took our time to give back to the community, and give to those who need something over the holidays.

“Blessed to work with a company that encourages and understands the beauty in giving back. Tonight our office donated $2,000 to a local elementary school and 4 carts of toys to the Toys for Tots program this Christmas. Thank you Holly (CEO) for always setting the example and encouraging us to build our empires, not just for ourselves, but for those we get to help especially. Tonight my heart is full” – Karra Seymour, one of our employees.

We are looking forward to continuing this and making it a holiday tradition here at Northwestern Marketing Concepts!

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