Our Fearless Leader: Holly Clark

When we think about Holly, we think about drive, determination and work ethic, what better qualities are there to have in a person running a company, we can’t think of any. Don’t know much about Holly? Lets get to know her!


Holly was born and raised in Twin Falls, Idaho, a mere 2 hours from Meridian, where she lives now. Growing up, she spent most of her time on the softball field, which ended up earning her way to college. She attended the University of Maryland where she studied psychology and business. Although, that was only the beginning for Holly. After earning her undergrad, she then got the opportunity to continue her softball career in Europe, and that is where her travel itch began. Traveling all over Europe, she enjoyed the culture, the beauty of another country, and of course the food – which we all know is amazing compared to the USA! She then returned to the United States to attend the University of New Haven to earn her masters in Organizational Psychology.

After graduating college with prestigious degrees, you can imagine, Holly had many ample opportunity with companies offering her 6 figures right after graduating, one thing that prevented her from accepting, wouldn’t be merit based for about 6 years. While making her way back to Idaho after college, Holly stumbled on an Entry Level position in St. Louis, that was completely based on merit. She loved that she would have full control over not only her advancement, and pay, but also her time. Now only 8 years later, she has expanded her company 14 times, has financial freedom, but most importantly, has the freedom of time to spend with her son.

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Her favorite part about her job is her ability to help countless individuals with their leadership skills, business knowledge, and giving them a career. Her goals are to expand the company 15 times by the end of 2017, beginning her international expansion, and continuing to help people that she gets the opportunity to work with.

Holly is the perfect example that women in business can do it all! You can have a successful company, but also have a successful relationship with your kids and significant other. Not only that, she continues to have great relationships with everyone within the office (see slideshow above!!), and shows them that she appreciates their work every day. We are lucky to have a business mentor that has exemplified all of the qualities we would like to attain in ourselves.

Want to know more about Holly and her accomplishments? Check it out Here!!



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