Meet Kaylie: Our HR Director


Kaylie is one of the driving forces of our company, and also continues to bring laughter into the office. Having worked with holly for 3 years, she is a huge reason why the company has been incredibly successful! Her drive and commitment has helped Holly expand twice in the past 2 years and has 3 more projected expansions in 2017! Its no surprise she’s had such an impact on the office, as she lives by the quote “The only place that success comes before work, is in the dictionary”.


Boise native, Kaylie has always had a huge passion for helping people. Her first career path started in the medical field, where she had the opportunity to help people every day. When she realized that it wasn’t the path for her, she got the opportunity to work for Holly very soon after. She was drawn in by the family environment, the amazing energy, and the advancement opportunity, which wasn’t presented to her in the medical field.  When Kaylie isn’t in the office, you’ll find her exploring the great outdoors that Idaho has to offer with her two amazing children! Two of her favorite things are camping, and floating the river in the summer.


Always buzzing around the office, everyone is always wondering, what exactly is Kaylie doing?! Kaylie is in charge of many faucets of the HR department in the company, but one of the main aspects of her position is to find top notch candidates for our available positions. She also plays a large part in the hiring process when the candidate is found, to ensure the process is smooth and gets done in completion and in a timely manner. She is an organization guru, so she keeps everything properly organized and filed, so everything can continue to evolve.


We are lucky to have Kaylie as a part of our management team, and we are looking forward to seeing what she accomplishes next!


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