We’re Team Trace: Meet Northwestern’s Newest Manager 👨‍💼

The name of the game at Northwestern Marketing Concepts is excellence. On a daily basis, we look to exceed our client’s expectations, look to hire Boise’s best talent, and most importantly, look to develop better business leaders in our community. We do this by carefully hand selecting the people we choose to work with, making sure they embody our company’s values and work with integrity. This adherence to a standard enables us to work with incredible businessmen (and women) like Trace Daniel, newest Manager here at Northwestern Marketing Concepts.

Massachusetts born and Ohio raised, Trace grew up with a baseball in his hand! Starting from the time he could walk through college, Trace poured every ounce of time, energy, and enthusiasm into his craft, allowing him the opportunity to play baseball at a collegiate level for Kent State University. Thinking back fondly on his memories of traveling the country playing ball with his little brother, Trace defines those summers as personality and career shaping. They taught him about dedication, following through on what you said you were going to do, and being a part of a team.

Studying Sports Administration at Kent State, Trace graduated with a desire to have a career in the industry but soon found it was a lot more about “who you know rather than what you know.” Following the guidance of his father, a now small business owner for 17 years, Trace shifted his focus to look for a career in sales and brand marketing as those sectors are the foundation for all business. He found what he was looking for at Northwestern Marketing Concepts.

Starting with the company back in 2010 in Ohio, Trace had the opportunity to work with our then clients, AT&T and DirecTv, and help grow their market share into Oklahoma City. For the next 4 years, he built a life in the South, welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world, and helped our client gain thousands of new customers a year.

When an opportunity presented itself to work as a liaison between our clientele and marketing/sales offices around the country, Trace seized the chance and spent the next 18 months traveling, training, and networking.  It only took him a short amount of time though to realize that the merit-based business he had grown to love at Northwestern Marketing Concepts wasn’t available with every company, and he needed somewhere where his growth was based on his performance and not his tenure.

Returning back to Northwestern Marketing Concepts in October 2017, this time in Boise, Trace set a goal to put all of his energy into getting promoted back into a Management role and helping our client expand back to his roots – Columbus, OH. Sure enough, within just 4 months, Trace has exceeded every expectation set and will be relocating back to the Midwest in the next 2 weeks.

He attributes his success at Northwestern Marketing Concepts to having a very clear & concise goal and spending quality time with the people he oversaw, even outside of work. As his personal relationships strengthened, so did his professional ones, and Trace will soon lead 5 of Northwestern’s top marketing & sales leads alongside him to Ohio!

In his spare time, Trace enjoys spending as much time with his soon-to-be 4-year-old, Coleman, catching the Indians and Pats play and listening to Louis Howes’s podcast. We are so confident in Trace’s ability to lead our client’s expansion eastward, yet saddened to not have him in our office every day. We want him to know that his dedication to our company over the last years combined has not gone unrecognized and that the best is yet ahead! Congrats, Trace, on this management promotion and know how proud we are of you!



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